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Coral Products PLC is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of recorded media packaging for DVD and CD. The company have also developed a range of waste recycling solutions for both dry recyclates and food waste alongside a premium range of industry standard food packaging. Add to this a fast growing Trade Moulding business with all products manufactured in one specialist plant in Haydock on Merseyside UK. We recognise that preserving the global environment is of the utmost importance and as such we conduct our business in accordance with corporate ethics and corporate social responsibility. We will demonstrate a commitment to comply with all legal requirements that relate to our environment. Our Environmental Management System is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004. Coral Products PLC is committed to the following principles;

  1. Communication – we shall promote, educate and communicate this policy, environmental best practice and performance of our business activities (sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution), amongst our employees, shareholders and any persons working on our behalf.
  2. Minimise – 4 R’s. We recognise the importance to Reduce, Re-use, Recover and Recycle in our business performance. Where possible we shall minimise the impact on our environment, but aim to satisfy or exceed the expectations of our customers.
  3. Prevention – it is our intention to prevent pollution from our business activity, to reduce the effect on our climate with the efficient use of resources, whilst meeting legal and other requirements in health,safety and environmental standards to which the organisation subscribes.
  4. Maintain – we are committed to continual improvement by regularly reviewing our environmental performance against our policy, objectives and targets.
  5. This Policy is available to the public on request.

The Managing Director will ensure that this policy has effective resources, support, commitment and participation at all levels of employees and management.

Quality, Environmental & Food Safety Policy

Coral Products PLC primary objective is to provide product and services that consistently meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. Our Quality Management System is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000. Our Environmental Management System is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004. The system, including this policy and quality objectives, is continually monitored and evaluated for its suitability and effectiveness by means of internal auditing and management review. We can then establish opportunities for improvement and ensure their implementation which is validated by the continual monitoring of performance and trends. These policy documents can be downloaded as PDFs:


Food Material Compliance


Our Philosophy

We aim to build a sound relationship with our customers, giving help and support when required, to allow continued success. We believe in the training and development of our employees, so they are fully aware of the requirements of the Quality Management System to allow continued effectiveness.

Race Relations Policy

The Company is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and good race relations and avoiding racial discrimination. This policy has been developed with regard to the Code of Practice issued by the Commission for Racial Equality and is available to download as a PDF


The Company will ensure that in the conduct of all their activities, steps are taken to avoid the occurrence of racial discrimination, whether direct or indirect, and to promote good relations between different racial groups. Any unlawful discriminatory behaviour, including harassment or bullying by individuals or groups, will be regarded extremely seriously and could be regarded as grounds for disciplinary action, which may include summary dismissal. If any employee feels they are being discriminated against then you must contact your manager immediately.


All Directors, Management and Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that this policy is embedded in their duties and functions in relation to all employees.

Food Containers:

Statement of compliance with applicable legislation. This statement can be downloaded as a PDF