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About IPL Interpack Ltd

Incorporated in 2003 by Stuart Trailor, Mike Burke and Stephen Barber with a combined industry experience of over 60 years, Interpack began life as an importer and distributor of food grade plastic buckets. Shortly after, Interpack broadened its range of products to include small tamper evident pots, ice cream containers and many other products used widely within the foodservice sector. An extensive product range along with meticulous focus on customer service and stock control enabled Interpack to grow in both reputation and revenue very quickly.

In 2012, the decision was made to sell the Company and an agreement was subsequently reached between Interpack Limited and Coral Products PLC. Work immediately began on new tools and machinery to enable production of a range of containers on site at Coral Products in Haydock. These products enabled Interpack to move heavily into the ice cream sector. Since then, the range has been strengthened to include products used for sandwich fillings/compound salads along with additional ice cream containers. Interpack now have full control of eleven injection moulding machines housed within a BRC grade AA section of the Coral Products factory. Work on inward investment continues with plans to introduce expanded in-house ranges.

In 2015, the decision was made to relocate the Interpack business from its original location in Luton to be on site at Haydock. This has enabled Interpack to have full control over stock holding, along with forging the necessary relationships with factory staff to manufacture our products efficiently whilst offering the highest levels of quality and service.

In 2021 IPL purchased part of Coral Products PLC and this included Interpack Limited. This lead to the return of one of the original Directors of Interpack Limited, Stuart Trailor, who already worked at a senior level within IPL, to help with the running and development of the business.

We will be expanding the move towards re-cycle content packs during 2022 with both imported and domestically produced ranges.

We have worked with our overseas manufacturers for many years, and in fact, four of the five current suppliers have dealt with Interpack exclusively in the UK for over a decade. The service levels we receive from these suppliers is unparalleled and we continue to work closely with them as Interpack grows in stature.

Interpack now supply polypropylene injection moulded containers into literally hundreds of separate customers within many different sectors including food, chemical/industrial and agricultural.