19 Jun 2023

Benefits of Plastic Packaging for Ice Cream Manufacturers

As summer approaches, and with it, the hot weather, it is inevitable that consumers will stock up...

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6 Jun 2023

Role of Packaging in Preventing Food Waste

A huge amount of food is wasted every day, contributing to the environmental emergency. Recyclabl...

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27 Mar 2023

Psychology Behind Packaging Designs

Plastic Packaging solutions are designed to not only protect the contents, but also to appeal to ...

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7 Feb 2023

3 Important Factors you Must Pay Attention to While Manuf...

The manufacturing process for plastic buckets contains many individual steps to make sure that ev...

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1 Feb 2023

3 Easy Ways To Make Custom Popcorn Boxes

How about creating an authentic cinema experience at home? You've chosen the film and invited ...

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12 Mar 2018

Welcome to Interpack Ltd

Welcome to Interpack Ltd We are part of the IPL. This is our first blog post, on our new we...

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