3 Important Factors you Must Pay Attention to While Manufacturing Plastic Buckets

7 Feb 2023

The manufacturing process for plastic buckets contains many individual steps to make sure that every single one is high quality and meets customers’ needs. These are three very important factors that we consider when making buckets.

Factors to Consider when Making Plastic Buckets with Handles:

1.The material used:

Many plastic buckets are made from low or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as this material is lightweight but strong. Our plastic buckets, however, are made from polypropylene, a very durable plastic. That means that our buckets can withstand a high level of impact and movement, making them perfect to use in areas where they’ll be moved around, for example, in food preparation. Buckets with handles also make moving storage containers even easier. Polypropylene is completely food safe and BPA free and meets British Retail Consortium standards. Using this material means that our pots and buckets are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave friendly, so they can be easily reused and can even store ice cream or frozen food.

2. Making sure each bucket is perfect:

To create perfect products every time, the manufacturing process uses an injection mould to create buckets and other components, including handles and tamper proof lids. That means that our customers can rest assured that every single bucket they get will have a lid that fits perfectly and a strong handle to make transporting items easy and secure, without having to worry about spillages or breakages. Products are rigorously tested to make sure that they are strong and durable.

Many of our products can come with separate tamper proof, snap-on lids. Once the lid has been put onto the bucket, it will create a tamper-proof seal which has to be broken to access the contents. This guarantees absolute food safety and security in a busy kitchen or that a finished product reaches your clients in perfect condition.

Thanks to their injection mould construction, our buckets are also leak proof, making them ideal for storing and moving liquids such as sauces, dips, and soups or fine materials such as spices and flour.

3. Clever design:

When making plastic buckets, the most important factor we consider is the design. Our buckets come in a variety of different sizes, capacities, shapes and finishes, including clear and white plastic to suit every type of environment, from kitchens to agricultural settings, building projects and chemists. Thanks to their design, all of our plastic buckets are stackable, saving valuable space in busy environments.

Choosing the Right Plastic Bucket with Handles

When choosing the right plastic buckets with handles for your business, you will need to consider the size and capacity required. Also, factor in whether it will be used to store hot or cold food and where and for how long it might be stored.

Please contact our experienced Business Development Team to discuss your needs further and identify the right products. You can also view our complete range here on our site.