Psychology Behind Packaging Designs

27 Mar 2023

Plastic Packaging solutions are designed to not only protect the contents, but also to appeal to the target consumer. Understanding the psyche of the consumer is essential when optimising the design of the packaging. Creating an appealing and attractive design that will help in outperforming the competition.

Culture and materials

The UK is set on achieving net zero by 2050 and to this end, many consumers are continually receiving the message that single-use plastic is bad and that they must look to reuse and recycle where possible. Many Brits will even pay higher prices for compostable packaging in order to comply with the messaging that plastic should be avoided.

Understanding that the British public has high expectations for the environmental credentials of a product can help drive a sustainable design when developing plastic packaging solutions in the UK.

Branding and visual aesthetics

Your product is designed with a particular consumer in mind, so understanding the needs and wants of that consumer is essential in targeting the product to catch their attention. Not only should the packaging be of a material that they deem to be socially and morally acceptable, but it needs to be attractive and convey the right message.

Choose a colour scheme that creates the right emotional resonance. If you are marketing a healthy product, then greens and pinks will typically appeal. You should also research the competition to ensure that your product stands out for the right reasons – accidentally choosing the same colour combination as a supermarket budget brand is probably not the right option.

Make sure that your font style is easy to read from a distance and that any images included are consistent with your company ethos and tailored to appeal to your target demographic.

Staying with the multi-use plastic theme, ensure that any branding that is applied to your product can be removed and recycled or otherwise disposed of with as little waste as possible. This is to ensure that the plastic packaging can be reused after the initial contents have been consumed. This may mean choosing cardboard or paper labels rather than printing onto plastic sleeves.

Plastic packaging solutions in the UK

Clearly, you will need a sound basis for incorporating plastic into your packaging design, and avoiding single use plastic is a sensible move. Where food grade plastic is the most appropriate choice for packaging, due to its durability during transit and storage and to safeguard the contents against contamination or leakage, it should be of a size, shape and material that is commensurate with reuse.

Doesn’t make sense, as size, freezing and shape retention isn’t an attribute of being reusable?

Reusable plastic packaging can still have all the good qualities of being a consistent size, suitable for home freezing and capable of maintaining its shape when heated, either in a dishwasher or microwave. The added benefit is that it can be melted down into recycled pellets by a specialist manufacturer and reformed and reused almost indefinitely.


Understanding the psychology of the people who you wish to buy your products will help in the development of your plastic packaging solutions. For help in tailoring a solution for your product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Business Development Team.