3 Easy Ways To Make Custom Popcorn Boxes

1 Feb 2023

How about creating an authentic cinema experience at home?

You’ve chosen the film and invited your friends and now you’re thinking about snacks. Popcorn is the perfect accompaniment when watching a film and we have put together some ideas as to how to make your own custom popcorn boxes.

Clear plastic popcorn containers

By using our clear plastic popcorn containers as a base, you can be confident that your popcorn will remain fresh and won’t fall out of a ripped paper bag, making a mess in your home. It gives you so many options for customisation and here are our three favourites.

1. Decorate the container with paint

This is a versatile way to brighten up our containers and make them personal. You could decorate each one differently to represent your guests’ favourite colours, hobbies or animals. Polka dots and stripes are easy to do and are eye-catching. Choose a pastel palette or primary colours, black and white or natural tones. A rainbow theme will brighten everyone’s evening and is a universally popular theme. Just make sure you allow enough time for the paint to dry before filling the containers with freshly popped corn.

If you want to unleash your inner graffiti artist, spray paints for plastic are also available. Why not make it part of the evening and let everyone have a go at decorating their own container?

2. Cover the container with fabric

Another way to decorate the containers is by covering them with fabric. This gives you so many options as there are thousands of patterns to choose from. Children might appreciate a dinosaur or space theme and adults may prefer a more sophisticated pattern such as floral or animal prints. Use a contrasting or complementary ribbon around the top and bottom for an even more impressive look. You could even recycle old clothes and bedding, making this an environmentally friendly container. The tubs can be washed or wiped clean and reused time and time again.

3. Get inventive with string

Another idea to transform the container is to cover it with string. You could start at the top and wind it around the container until you reach the bottom. Alternatively, you could run the string up and down the height of the container until you have covered it all. Traditional string will give the container a natural feel, but you could also use wool if you wanted a brighter finish. Talented crocheters might like to make small shapes which can be sewn or glued onto the background. For people who appreciate a bit of glamour, why not add some sparkle with sequins or glitter?

These are just some of our favourite ways to create a custom popcorn box and we hope this will inspire you to get creative and perhaps come up with your own ideas. Why not explore our range [1] and choose the appropriate product. We stock sizes from 1 to 10 litres and containers are available with a handle and lid for added convenience.