Benefits of Plastic Packaging for Ice Cream Manufacturers

19 Jun 2023

As summer approaches, and with it, the hot weather, it is inevitable that consumers will stock up on ice cream. Whether as a food shop staple or a special treat, with over 13 million Brits buying ice cream, gelato, or frozen yoghurt every week in the UK [1], it is clear that the frozen dessert market is big business. If you are a business operating in this sector, whether as a manufacturer or a retailer, it is essential to remember that the packaging that you choose and the way in which you present your product will have a marked impact on sales [2].

Choosing the best ice cream packaging

The primary options for packaging ice cream are HPDE plastic and cardboard. Each offers a number of benefits, and it is important that ice cream, frozen yoghurt and gelato manufacturers select the one that best satisfies the needs of their customers and demonstrates their company ethos.


Cardboard ice cream packaging is often touted as a more environmentally friendly option than plastic. This type of packaging is often certified by the Forest Stewardship Council which means that the pulp has been sourced from forests that are specifically managed to protect wildlife and maintain biodiversity. Cardboard can only be used once, but it is recyclable or compostable at its end of life. Its drawback is that it is more susceptible to damage in transit which can breach the container and allow for leaks or contamination to occur.


BPA-free and food-safe, hi-density polyethylene (HPDE) plastic is strong, flexible and resistant to impact, which reduces the risk of contamination or leakage. This material also withstands freezing temperatures with ease. Many plastics can be reused when recycled appropriately. The only drawback is that not all councils offer a kerbside recycling service for HPDE plastics, meaning that some consumers will need to take empty containers to their local recycling centre to ensure that they do not end up consigned to landfill.

Interpack plastic ice cream packaging

Our plastic containers are ideally suited to ice cream and gelato businesses. They are sturdy, sleek and strong, benefiting from a modern design that can be easily customised with your company logo, colour scheme and ingredients labelling.

The lids that are supplied are tightly fitted to guard against breaches that may contaminate your product, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of sizes, from pint-sized, which is ideal for direct customer sales, to 10L, which is preferred by the catering industry.

Our 4.7L Napoli containers are ideally suited to those operating ice creams sales outlets, such as ice cream vans or market stalls. Their standard shape displays a tantalising amount of product and the reusability of the container can save retailers money.


Hard-wearing and reusable, our range of ice cream and gelato packaging will enhance customer satisfaction, allow you to personalise the presentation of your product and increase your business’ sustainability credentials.